hey human,
what’s your story?

personal + business alignment coaching

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Hey human, what do you need?

If you are:

  • a conscious human in pursuit of themselves

  • seeking guidance as you look inward

  • feeling like there’s room for more life in your life

  • wanting more awakened relationships

  • ready to be fully expressed in who you really are

Or maybe, you are:

  • the creator of or a leader within a dope biz entity

  • tired of missing your ideal client or customer

  • in need of help clarifying your message

  • struggling to create a consistent brand identity

  • not the best at strategy and could use a hand

Hey, actual person reading this copy,

My real name is Stef... one calls me that.

I’m a coach + guide for millennial creators in pursuit of their truth and their story.

Apollo Connection Co. is a gateway to the story in your soul, AND the story of your brand. Whichever you’re seeking, I can help.



Here’s some stuff you should know:

I . . .

look people in the eye and cultivate deep connections because it actually gives me life. For real.
So do pizza and creme brûlée.

relentlessly pursue my own truth.

listen to Ying Yang Twins and Ludacris because I LOVE IT.

write and tell stories because it’s how we see each other - that’s important.

don’t have any rules about dessert - ever.

believe that healing happens when we’re ready and that our wise bodies tell us when that is.

coach conscious, creative, courageous humans who are committed to authenticity.

My real name is Stef, but everyone calls me Sauce.

I am not a guru. I am not going to “fix” you.

I am a guide. I am on your team.

And I'm going to reach for you.

I'll make this easy...

here's what you do next:

“It makes total sense that she’s built a brand that assists in cultivating intuition and authentic connection within/between people. Whenever I work with Sauce, I know she’s right there with me, present in the moment, listening, equally sharing back. It’s a vibe way too uncommon in most day-to-day social interaction, let alone most corporate environments. The impact of the connection Sauce cultivates is an instantly safe space to create, jam, explore, clarify, let go, refine, magnify, dream... what organization wouldn’t benefit from such game-changing forces? I can’t think of any company, tribe, movement that couldn’t benefit from learning the skill’s Sauce embodies herself. Have a coffee with her, you’ll get it. And you’ll want her on your team.”
— Dwayne Britton - Senior Manager, Adidas Group
“If you make the decision to hire Stef, your life will improve in ways you didn’t think possible. Her insight paired with her ability to truly listen will make you realize things about yourself you never thought were there. She has an uncanny ability to articulate what is impossible to say. She will be able to pull everything out of you, make you look at it, and rebuild it to make you into a better person. She truly is a force of nature. She is the rarest of rare. Don’t blow it by not bringing her into your life.”
— Chris Gill | Documentary/Non-fiction Director of Photography
Sauce is a great facilitator of thought and vision. She understands that, before all else, she knows WHO is speaking to her before she can move to where it is you are looking to go. As a result of our time together, I have found more clarity and firm footholds amidst the madness called entrepreneurship. She is trustworthy, compassionate, encouraging and challenging in the most authentic sense. I would encourage anyone to discover what she offers.
— Sean Scott, Subculture Coffee
Working with Stef has shifted the course of my business and forever changed the way that I brand build and share with my community. She has helped me find and reconnect time and time again to my purpose. Because of her questions, system and ability to pull out the ‘soul’ of a business - us as brands can share more authentically. Stef is professional, real and incredibly passionate about her craft!
— Nikki Arensman, The Well Co.
It is tough to put into writing the impact that my discussions with Sauce have had on my life. When I first reached out, it was because I felt stuck and stagnant in my life. Starting with our first conversation, I knew that THIS was what I needed – someone to talk to about all aspects of my life, from work to my baby to my relationship with my husband. From there, Sauce has given me things to work on to deepen my self-knowledge and awareness so that I continue to grow as a person. My connections with her have deepened my overall joy in my everyday life and have propelled me to take action in creating my ideal life and accomplishing my goals. I leave every conversation feeling so connected to who I am – my greatest self – and connected to what I want in life. Best of all, I leave each conversation knowing that I have an incredible friend and mentor. Love this girl. Love her work.
— Kate M. - lululemon athletica