My friend, I am SO stoked you’re here.

Can I ask you something?

Are you...

  • a high vibrational, curious, creative, lil’ bit woo-woo, lil bit Wu Tang, kinda person?

  • feeling stuck + stagnant and like energy isn’t really moving anywhere in your life?

  • in a cycle of giving power away to something or someone outside of you?

  • doing what you really want to be doing?

  • watching other people live out their wild dreams and telling yourself some really convincing story about why you can’t?

  • throwing up these “👋🙌👏👆‼️” feels right now after reading those?

ready to tell a different story as you venture into 2019?

I don’t know about you (or maybe I do)

but i was Tired of moving into another year
feeling like we’re somehow

‘not good enough’ already

and I eventually got

Sick. as. f@&k.

of setting the same goals, perpetuating the same patterns + stories, and experiencing the same uninspired version of reality


Lean in while I paint a different picture for ya

one where you:

  • feel safe and brave and fucking ALIVE in your body

  • tune into what you really want without guilt, shame, or unconsciously giving power
    to someone or something else in your choices

  • claim your shadows and bring them into the light and LOVE all parts of yourself

  • have epic failures that are celebrated as leverage points for your next big, brave leap

  • get to be equal parts Spirit and Human and where BOTH of those things are not only essential -
    they’re the backbone of an intuitive strategy

    This year, right now, you get to CHOOSE


it’s OKAY if you:

  • feel far away from your true self in this moment

  • have spent years locking up emotions, experiences, beliefs and ideas in a deep cave
    somewhere inside you and you’re scared to go in there

  • don’t really know what it is that you want

I GET IT. I know that feeling.

I’ve been there, baby. right where you are.

one upon a time…

After years of turning the corner from one calendar year into another focusing on everything about myself that I should change in order to somehow be ‘better’, I decided that I was DONE giving power to this broken societal and cultural narrative.

What if there wasn’t anything wrong with me? What if instead of all the things about myself that I needed to fix,
what if I tuned into the wisdom of my heart + body to understand what parts of myself deserved to be more loved?

What if instead of a ‘better’ version of myself, I just became more embodied in who I really am and loved that fiercely.
What if all of the ways I’d “failed” in the previous year, were gifts to be brought into the next year?

I’ll tell you what. I didn’t change. I transformed.



Working with Stef has shifted the course of my business and forever changed the way that I brand build and share with my community. She has helped me find and reconnect time and time again to my purpose. Because of her questions, system and ability to pull out the ‘soul’ of a business - us as brands can share more authentically. Stef is professional, real and incredibly passionate about her craft!
— Nikki A. | Creative Business Coach
Loved working with Sauce!!! I was in a “funk” (putting it lightly) since my sons traumatic birth that I just couldnt get out of. I couldnt figure out why because I thought I was a pretty self aware person. Enter Sauce! She was the perfect person to help me get it all together (or atleast start me on the journey to FEEL as though I have it all together). Her ability to empathize and connect with me exactly where I was was the greatest gift. I felt for the first time in a loooonnnggg time that someone “got” me, was present with me, and really understood my feelings. She used the self awareness I already had and helped me tap back into a deeper part of myself that I lost. Best of all, she gave me homework!!! I asked her to give me specific things to do -tasks, books, meditations, whatever she thought would help, etc. - because I knew I needed that to keep me moving forward even once our work together was at a pause. And she delivered! She was so full of wisdom, humility, and authenticity and I apprecited it all throughout our time working together. Each session with Sauce felt very personal and structured to my own needs. I can tell she has a passion for her work and I am truly blessed to have her as an ally in my fight for a more wholesome life!!! You wont be disappointed!
— Leslie R | Pilates by Les
“If you make the decision to hire Stef, your life will improve in ways you didn’t think possible. Her insight paired with her ability to truly listen will make you realize things about yourself you never thought were there. She has an uncanny ability to articulate what is impossible to say. She will be able to pull everything out of you, make you look at it, and rebuild it to make you into a better person. She truly is a force of nature. She is the rarest of rare. Don’t blow it by not bringing her into your life.”
— Chris G. | Documentary/Non-fiction Director of Photography
“There’s no doubt that Sauce is the realest of the real and she is the epitome of what authentic connection looks, feels and sounds like. Going into this journey with her I had everything figured out and I knew exactly what I wanted… until I didn’t. Transitioning into a new chapter in life is HARD but I couldn’t imagine going through it without Sauce. She’s 100% present during our conversations (whether it be during a scheduled session or a sporadic FaceTime call from a hysterical me to her), she’s understanding, motivating, passionate and challenging all at the same time. After every one of our conversations I leave with a better understanding of myself and how I’m going to approach the next challenge or situation that is true and authentic for ME. Sauce is the real deal who’s not only a great coach but an awesome friend and bad ass human being who LOVES what she does. Give this woman a chance and I promise she won’t disappoint.
— Jesse S | Pro Athlete + Health Coach


  • are ready to experience true healing + transformation

  • are SO ready to embody wholeness and love over insecurity and self-criticism

  • stand for integrity all day - you do the shit you say you’re gonna do

  • want direct, intimate support from someone who has coached + guided countless other humans
    through the brave pursuit of themselves

  • are tired of telling the same stories about why you can’t (insert anything you keep not doing here)

  • understand the value of grounded, personal coaching that combines elements of
    psychology, somatic experiencing, yogic teachings, spirituality, and is 100% catered to you

  • are looking for a guide who keeps is real, fun, and SO human

  • want safe guidance on clearing emotional + energetic blocks at your own, sustainable pace
    (in other words - dealing with shit you’ve been avoiding or have been afraid to deal with)

  • will 100% commit to implementing and activating the tools that are offered to (for) you



  • weekly, 60-min recorded Zoom calls

  • guided meditation every session to tune into the wisdom +
    intuitive intelligence of your body

  • homework to support your journey in-between sessions

4 weeks.png


2 copy 4.png


1-hour Human Design -or- Astrology Reading with the utterly glorious, Pilar Lesko.

For your session with Pilar, she and I will connect after your first session and choose the modality - either Human Design or Astrology - that would best serve your journey inward at this time. Read about Human Design here and Astrology here.

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Continuing the magical work of Pilar Lesko, each of you will receive a custom blended Align & Activate flower remedy, to support you on your journey. Flower remedies are not to be confused with essential oils or fragrances. They carry no scent and are taken sublingually to distill the healing powers of the plants.

3 copy 2.png


Aligned + Activated Guided Meditation Bundle

Grounded, guided audio meditations so you can drop into your own innate intelligence and wisdom - anytime, anywhere.



what you can expect:

Each week, we’ll connect for 60 minutes 1:1 through Zoom calls that I’ll record for you to reference whenever you’d like. You do not need to do anything in preparation for our time together, as I’ll come prepared to hold a container for the energy of whatever you’re experiencing. Whatever is going on for you that day be it good, bad, emotional, intense, easy, challenging, joyful, vibrant, anxious - whatever your state is - is 100% allowed. You can have something handy you can take notes with if that calls to you.

‘what am I going to feel during this program?’

You might be wondering what kinds of emotions or energies will present themselves during our work together. The answer to that question is - we’ll find out! We’ll work with the innate intelligence of your body and your intuition to guide us into discoveries that are safe for you to encounter and integrate. This isn’t about what I want you to get out of this, this is about what you are totally ready to witness, hold and embody.

what happens between now and when enrollment closes?

Enrollment for Align & Activate will close on January 11th and upon that date, you’ll receive your meditation bundle + your flower remedy will have already been shipped to you. You’ll also hear from me on that date to schedule your sessions.



One Payment of $1250
($175 savings!)

Three Payments of $475