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so, I’m Just Wondering…

  • How’s your heart?

  • Do you feel aligned and excited about your life?

  • What is in the way of the fullest expression of your deepest truth?

  • What contracts has your soul written that don’t deserve to hold power over you?

  • Where are you holding back because you’re scared of something?

  • What would 100% feel like?

  • How are you settling?

  • Where do you need expanding?

  • What patterns are you perpetuating unconsciously?

  • Are you being yourself all the fucking time?

  • What do you really want to be doing and why aren’t you doing it?

  • Do you feel alive?

Alignment Coaching

Alignment Coaching is not for the faint of heart. It is for those courageous enough to go in pursuit of themselves. It’s a journey, man (or woman or whatever you are). This experience is first and foremost, a witnessing of the truth. Through my 1:1 work, my clients experience a grounded approach to discovering their inner landscape and integrating wholeness. Together we’re going to look at your story - the shiny parts and the shitty parts. It’s a no-holds-barred assessment of the state of your Spirit and the gaps that exist between your current expression, the authentic being you were born as and are being called to return to. You’ve got living to do, fam.

Guys, we are SO of Spirit and SO human. This work is designed to bring your shadow places to the surface and let them breathe in the light so you can be whole, authentic, unafraid, unburdened, and free.


coaching vs. therapy

“You’d make an amazing Clinical Psychologist” - man, if I had a dollar for every time…

There are some epic benefits to be reaped from sitting with a “traditional” therapist. I’m a big, big fan of therapy. To be honest with you, the coaching practice I’ve cultivated isn’t not therapy. My approach to coaching houses many elements of psychology, especially as it relates to unpacking and reprogramming trauma. I also emphasize the cultivation of a supremely safe space for the full spectrum of human emotions to be deeply known and felt. There’s also elements of Spirituality (whatever that means to you), and a whole lot of humanness.

In my experience, the work I do and the relationships I cultivate with my clients are deeper, more profound, less constrained, more creative, and more strategic. Coaching applies action to awareness. It’s not just information, it’s integration.


  • Unpack your story - Discover the importance of your narrative and the moments that formed your structure of belief.

  • Experience the spectrum - Being human involves joy, anger, pain, triumph, trauma, bliss - and then some. You’ll learn to be present to and fully experience all of it. That’s what sets us free.

  • Integrate your shadow - Witness and sit with what is uncomfortable to own and shine the light on that shit.

  • Write new Soul Contracts - awaken to your unconscious binds and create from a place of choice and freedom.

  • Practice radical self-awareness - know yourself, your wounds, your patterns, your gifts, and your needs - intimately.


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