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Discovery Session

A speed date where we get to know each other and figure out if we’re going on an actual date. No match.com algorithm here, so we have to find out if we’re a match the old fashioned way, you feel me?



You + Me = Understanding + Action

Unpack is a journey into YOU. Your stories, your blocks and your life design. We listen, feel and discover so that we can, heal, strategize and evolve.

If you answer "same" to any of the following, this is for you:

  • I feel stuck and need some direction
  • There are shitty voices in my head and hold me back from taking action
  • I have a vision and want to make space for it to come through me
  • I'm ready to be the most authentic version of myself
  • I'm here to create a fully expressed life
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Let’ssssss, let’s stay togetherrrrrrr.

Deep is a long-term format that gives you the space to go real, real deep and experience major transformation.

A mentorship journey of 6-months, The Deep End sessions are a container for unpacking, discovering, processing, integrating and reprogramming.

This is for you if you are:

  • open and willing to dig real deep
  • tired of giving power to small beliefs
  • wanting to feel truly connected to yourself and your deepest truth
  • a bold, creative, curious human
  • ready to be the hero of your own story and grab your life by the balls

Lift Off

You + Your Stories + Your Gifts + Your Passions = YOUR BRAND CHILD

In Lift Off, your company/brand meet your personal expansion.

This combines all of the same work from Unpack and Deep, with with the infusion of a deep dive into your brand story.

I'm lookin' at you if you're ready to:

  1. Intimately know, trust and feel confident in YOU, and to connect deeply to your story.
  2. Discover the story within your brand, and how to tell it clearly and with potency.


creatively curated tools for all you truth-seeking humans

Checking Your Energy

a digital guide for cultivating self-awareness and designing your days with intention

tools, insight, tips and prompts for self study so you can gain clarity on what you want and how you feel, and connect with your authentic self. a digital download to be used as often as every day. includes a guided meditation for additional support.

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